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Unlock the Power of Your Mind with Krysthl ·Brain Yoga™

£60.00 - 153.00

Krysthl •Brain Yoga Guided Meditation

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Unlock the Power of Your Mind with Krysthl ·Brain Yoga. Designed with you in mind, Krysthl ·Brain Yoga can help you overcome common struggles such as brain fog, anxiety, daily stress, and more. Imagine having the ability to tap into instant moments of relaxation and happiness, no matter where you are.

With Krysthl ·Brain Yoga, you can achieve this state of bliss and peace through safe and simple techniques, much like going to a gym or practicing yoga. It can be done anywhere, anytime, whether you're sitting on a bus, on a plane, on the beach, or even in the bath.

Transform Your Mental Health with Krysthl ·Brain Yoga - Available as a Pay-Per-Class, Class Bundles, Gold Card or as part of our Online Journey to Self Membership

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Come alive, find your miracle and balance your life!


How does K·BY work?


It has similarities to meditation and other Yoga practices, only rather than stretching our limbs or trying to still the mind with meditation, we will be expanding our mind and training the neural activity within our ·Brains which increases blood flow, improving the transition of oxygen, and nutrients which are much needed to feed and activate not just our active circuitry but our dormant circuits also which would usually fire on all cylinders, we’ve all heard the saying he/she isn’t firing on all cylinders haven’t we? And no doubt we have all experienced moments like that to.

Throughout our journey our ·Brains are constantly downloading and coping with the influx of information and processing that’s required for us to move throughout our daily life. An overload results in melt downs, stress, overwhelm, anxiety and much more, electrochemical change takes place in the nervous system, which triggers tiny sensory messages to produce pain from the above pressures, our pain leads to the manifestation of illness.

With all the changes going on right now we have all been and will continue to be challenged, putting us through more pressure. So now is the time to update our own software to cope with these changes, become well, creative and remarkably intuitive by activating new ·Brain circuitry, aligning with our heart and gut ·Brain to stimulate all our senses so we can recall whatever we need at will.



You are about to attend a Krysthl ·Brain Yoga™ class, by attending a free class or making payment it is agreed you have read, fully understood all the following and are of sound mind and age of consent under all UK jurisdiction and international laws.

The class, information, and any advice which you will be given pertains to you and all individuals who partake, it will be based upon nothing more than what you would expect and receive during a meditation or exercise class.

Should you wish to provide any medical details or concerns, please ensure they are sent via email to before you attend any class. "Know Thyself "·Blueprint/Krysthl ·Brain Yoga and or facilitators will not be held responsible for any information not received either by you or from "Know Thyself "·Blueprint, Krysthl ·Brain Yoga™ 

 All data will be treated confidentially and stored according to the data protection act.

Should you wish to terminate the class at any time you are at liberty to do so.

Krysthl ·Brain Yoga™ does not claim to cure, prevent, treat, or diagnose any medical condition.

Krysthl ·Brain Yoga and its claims have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization.

Should you be concerned about a medical condition at any time before, during or after a class it is advised that you seek advice from a qualified medical professional. If during, it is your responsibility to make it known immediately to the facilitator holding space. 

Now that yukky stuff is done, let's have a great Krysthl ·Brain Yoga™ class



The participant must advise the facilitator at "Know Thyself "·Blueprint of any cancellation in writing via email at if a refund is required

If a participant does not advise of a cancellation in writing before 7 days of the date of the class participating in, the full class fee will be payable.

If for any reason a participant must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances the class fee can be used for another session. If a facilitator must cancel for any reason, payments will not be refunded but will be carried forward to the next convenient class.


Suppliers Intellectual Property Rights and Data Privacy - Krysthl ·Brain Yoga

(The Supplier) retains all copyright licence rights and sole exclusive ownership of the information, photographs and material displayed on its website and in class sessions. The material may not be modified, copied, or used in any other way without Krysthl ·Brain Yoga prior WRITTEN authorisation. Krysthl ·Brain Yoga reserves the right to use photographs of services delivered, including photographs of Krysthl ·Brain Yoga participants. Data Privacy information will be provided to all participants in the waiver including the opportunity to opt out of appearing on photographs to be used in publicity and the participant and any members of the participants party agree they shall specifically notify Krysthl ·Brain Yoga in writing if they do not wish to appear in any published photographs. o All materials, booklets handouts and materials provided to participants by Krysthl ·Brain Yoga are Krysthl ·Brain Yogacopyright and must not be copied, adapted, modified, distributed, or shared without the prior written agreement of Krysthl ·Brain Yoga.


What attendees are saying...

Great workshop last night what a great crowd to share it with too! I’m sure my brains more alert just in the last week . Instead of lots of busy thoughts all happening at once, I’m thinking about individual thoughts for longer and cutting out a lot of crap - if that makes sense?

Miranda Fearon


How amazing was that, feeling so much more clear minded, thanks so much, I slept soundly last night my alarm woke me up which is unusual!

Carol Short


 Wow...First time I've ever done this ... and what an experience! What a golden nougat of a practice, felt so relaxed and slept like a baby afterwards. Thank you for sharing yet more of your wisdom and guiding us Martine x Karen  

Karen Morgan


Wow I thoroughly enjoyed my first session of brain yoga! It was an amazing, relaxing and fun experience and I can't wait to continue practicing and to learn more. I felt my vibration was higher straight after the class and I woke up today feeling so much more positive 

Denise Evans


Most amazing class thank you so much!!! I am so grateful for the experience of this class and so looking forward to continuing on with this rich experience and guidance from a truly amazing teacher

Vicki Bates


I highly recommend you try this. It was amazing. I got so much from this and felt on a much higher vibration afterwards. I look forward to learning and practicing this more, It's ground-breaking

Ali Ross



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