The Amazing NES Health System 


This system has to be experienced to even come close to seeing how amazing it is. Myself and my daughter have both had the scan with truly accurate results and mind blowing information about your well-being and health all by holding a simple frequency device between your hands whilst it scans your whole body. You remain clothed, it can take place anywhere and is non invasive.
The scan pin pointed my energy blockages, told me of any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, my food intolerances', levels of toxicity in my body and also revealed my chakra imbalances which Martine realigned with a special treatment programme on the frequency device that was used to unblock my energy blockages also; all in one sitting. You feel very little when you are being unblocked, a few flutters in certain areas but nothing unpleasant. Loose bowels can occur for a few days afterwards, this was explained by Martine as something that sometimes happens as the body starts to rid the toxins in our body’s that so often are the cause of most of our symptoms. There's an explanation about each energy blockage and why it is blocked. The majority of the information was extremely accurate regarding my life, my experiences and the past particularly. 
The whole experience is  stress free, not painful in the slightest and easy to understand. The scan is backed up with aftercare and advice; it's also recommended you have at least 3 scans to fully see the benefit of the improvements and work on your overall health over a 12 month period. There's also medical drops to treat the areas of concern which correct the cell distortions which have created the dis-ease in our body’s if you choose to continue with healing and well-being.
The scan was amazing and ever since, I've slept better; deeper sleep I'd say, I've felt more like me, more confident and stronger in myself. I've also gone onto a lactose free diet as I was 100% lactose intolerant and had no idea. I've also stopped using certain products that were causing problems in my body. I'm a major fan of this system and I urge you to try it for you and your family.

May 2017

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