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 "We are the flowers of the earth"- Don Alejandro

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I've put this collection together for you

Once we become aware there are ways of living that put nature, the Earth, principles of honour, abundance, respect and trust in one another at the forefront of human progression, we are able to align with our true authenticity and fully embrace our journey for the life we actually came here to experience, in a reality of our choice instead of one that was created for us from fiction.

An important piece of information to add to this puzzle of life is to know that we have what I call a Know Thyself ·Blueprint, which has information about the energy we were born with. Most people are living a life experiencing more downs than ups because they are entangled in other peoples energy. This happens because their own energy is not fully known and therefore is not capable of reaching its full potential.

Combining this vital piece of information with knowledge on how to inhabit and/or coexist on this Earth in a sovereign state can help release us from fear and or worry that doesn't belong to us, allowing our life to unfold and align with this cyclical event that's generating this cosmic shift.

The journey is an unfolding of our Spiritual path that leads us to our expanded consciousness so we can have the very best experience possible in this now moment.


I focus on eight elements, three of which are:-


I created a formula after observing how my clients were responding to my  PHREADOM© methods and techniques. I have been fine tuning my formula for over 2 years now and I'm proud to say it's ready to bring to people who are ready to dedicate and invest in their true "Know Thyself" journey.

 TEMET NOSCE - Latin for "Know Thyself" as seen over the Oracle's door in the Matrix film. 


  • Using my "Know Thyself" ·Blueprint formula in both the online and the location retreats - taking back control of our mind, emotions and beliefs without re-programming. I think we've had enough of that don't you?
  • "Know Thyself" online courses, level one starts 30th March 22. Others COMING SOON for you to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

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